Prosper: screenshots and examples

Screenshots of styles included in the distribution (both standard  ones and contributed ones)

All the following screenshots have been produced with options colorBG and slideColor. Colors may be different when other options are active.

Click on any picture to enlarge.

Alien Glow Style
Autumn sttyle
Azure style
Blends style
Contemporain style
Dark Blue style
Default style
Frames style
Gyom style
Lignes bleues style
Nuance gris style
Rico style
Capsules style
Corners style
Fyma style
Mancini style
Pretty box style
Thomasd style
Serpaggi style
Trois points style
White cross style
Winter style
wj style



So far, the following persons (alphabetical order) contributed styles for Prosper. Many thanks to them.
E-mail address
Andrew Arnt
arnt at
Jean-Yves Burlett
jean-yves at
Thomas Deselaers

Mathieu Goutelle
Mathieu.Goutelle at
Laurent Jacques
ljacques at
Éric Languénou Eric.Languenou at rico
Alberto Mancini
mancini at
Alberto Ornaghi
alor at
Guillaume (Gyom) Raschia Guillaume.Raschia at gyom
Marlon Régis Schmitz
mschmitz at
Xavier Serpaggi
xserpag at
Willem-Jan van Hoeve
W.J.van.Hoeve at
Trond Varslot
varslot at

Bug reports and suggestions for improvements are to be sent directly to the authors of the contributed styles. 

Examples of use

The following Adobe® PDF file presents some of the main features of Prosper for writing slides to be displayed with a video projector.

PDF fileSlides for the Int'l conference CP'2000

For best results, you shoudl use Adobe® Acrobat Reader in "full screen" mode to display the PDF file.

And here is the source for the file (Warning: this file is not compilable because I do not provide some macro packages and the figures included)

LaTeX fileSources of the slides for CP'2000

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