All the following screenshots have been produced with options colorBG and slideColor. Colors may be different when other options are active.
These are screenshots of styles included in the distribution (both standard  ones and contributed ones).

Click on the following link to open the screenshots viewer.

Bug reports and suggestions for improvements are to be sent directly to the authors of the contributed styles.

So far, the following persons (alphabetical order) contributed styles for Prosper. Many thanks to them.

NameE-mail adresse
Andrew Arntarnt at
Jean-Yves Burlettjean-yves at
Thomas Deselaers 
Mathieu GoutelleMathieu.Goutelle at
Laurent Jacquesljacques at
Éric Languénou Eric.Languenou at
Alberto Mancinimancini at
Alberto Ornaghialor at
Marlon Régis Schmitzmschmitz at
Xavier Serpaggixserpag at
Willem-Jan van HoeveW.J.van.Hoeve at
Trond Varslotvarslot at

   The following Adobe© PDF files presents some of the main features of Prosper for writing slides to be displayed with a video projector.
For best results, you should use Adobe© Acrobat Reader in "full screen" mode to display the PDF file.
PDF file
Slides for the Int´l conference CP´2000
   And here is the source for the file (warning : this file is not compilable because I do not provide some macro packages and the figures included). LaTeX file
Sources of the slides for CP´2000